“Caring and Sharing. The Heritage Environment as an Agent for Change” 31st May – 2nd of June 2016, Istanbul, http://alector2015.rorcf.ro

The aim of the Conference:

The ENPI CBC Black Sea JOP Project ALECTOR is a first attempt at Black Sea Level to equally offer dislocated audiences the chance to create their personal place-bonding with cultural assets presented independently of place and time, promoting the Project region at global level with exceptional cognitive-emotional heritage experiences.

The Project’s International Conference aims to communicate to multiple target publics the project achieved results, methodologies and planning strategies developed, local implemented pilot applications using the international experience in the heritage sector and more particular in the conservation, protection, management and communication of heritage.

Please see call and practical information.

[10-02-2016] The ALECTOR international project conference 31st May – 2nd of June 2016
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